Chimes and Moblies

Chimes and mobiles made in Bali and Indonesia from Gifts for You. You'll find an interesting gift within this collection – your only problem will be to select just one. Fascinating in their diversity and imagination, these chimes and mobiles sparkle with humour, ingenuity and an arresting zen beauty. Perhaps buy one for yourself too…

Wind-activated dragon and bird chimes, dainty shell mobiles and Buddha chimes – hand-made in Indonesia by artisans working in remote, hillside studios in the rain forest.

The intriguing, vividly coloured wooden spirals become kinetic art as they spin from branches or a veranda, resembling the richly coloured plumage of tropical birds darting amongst trees.

Cats offering trays of Free Bird Seed are amusingly witty mobiles that will be sure to make visitors laugh.

Especially popular are our very beautiful spiral leaf chimes – the organic form blends into any setting, underscored by the tinkling chimes. Soft bamboo chimes murmur unobtrusively in the background. And don't miss the cheeky monkey faces to hang from a handy branch – the ultimate in garden art!

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