Handmade gifts from Indonesia: dream catchers, Indian folk art, Buddhas and skulls


Gifts for You offers dream catchers with feathers, mirrors, beads and crystals delicately woven into their fabric. They'll certainly catch your fancy, as they twist and turn, glancing in the sunlight as they dance in the breeze.

Dream Catchers in all the colours and textures you love, to enliven your room with dainty hearts and circular patterns, made by hand in the studios of Indonesia.


Fascinated by American Indian costumes and crafts? Have a friend who is fascinated by the lifestyle, dress and crafts of the American Indians?

Gifts for You has a wonderful selection of well-made, realistic Indian headwear, decorated with symbols on woven headbands featuring Indian designs and native animals.

You can choose from fully detailed Indian head and face replicas, which are for display, and from our dramatic, ceremonial Indian headdresses, which are made to be worn as well as displayed.

We also supply Indian-styled handcrafts through Gifts for You – Indian tomahawks, wall hangings, bone paintings and replica Indian drums.


The Buddha is available in most popular poses, from Gifts for You, carved from wood or resin.

The beautifully carved wooden Buddhas are softly polished, to gleam in the light. The serene, reflective faces invite you to pause for a peaceful moment within your busy day.

The fat, laughing Buddha will charm you, with his chubby tummy and joyful chuckle; on the other hand, the meditating Buddha has a gentle, intriguing smile.

Our gold-painted Buddha masks will command attention, hung on your wall to catch the light. And the Buddha Puzzle Boxes, carved in careful detail from honey-coloured wood, are made with a concealed compartment within. The puzzle is to find it!

The Heart Boxes are always popular – who can resist trying to uncover the secret of another's heart? This too contains a compartment in which you can keep jewellery or special items.

Gifts for You imports hand-made incense holders in many forms from Indonesia, some unusual, but most in traditional Buddha styles.


If you have a friend with a taste for the macabre, have a look at our excellent selection of skulls in many different finishes, including the ubiquitous skull and cross bones in several formats. There are some wonderfully humorous gift ideas in the Gifts for You collection of skulls.

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